Dead Birds Society

Dead Birds Society


Thank you!

to mint another ghoul join the
public mint on 9.9 at 12 PM EST ❤️

We wanted to say

Dead Birds Society is grateful to all its members for helping build the strongest sub-parliament out there - we are so damn proud!

As thanks, we’ve created GHOULS - a utility and community driven NFT project. Each GHOUL unlocks full access to our active community discord and gives incentivized value back to holders through the UNDERGROUND, our official marketplace.

Our devs believe in iterative building and our goal is to continually build value for our holders.

Ghouls from Dead Birds Society


The Underground is the Dead Birds Society marketplace for NFTs in the PROOF ecosystem - list, buy and sell on the UNDERGROUND and save 1% on royalties while supporting the community.

GHOULS holders further benefit through the UNDERGROUND. The more volume on the UNDERGROUND the greater the benefit. Help us promote and encourage usage of the UNDERGROUND for all Moonbirds, Oddities, Grails, Proof Passes and Ghouls transactions.

Ghouls from Dead Birds Society

And a very important SHOUT OUT.

All of us at Dead Birds Society are forever grateful to the entire Proof team. DBS would have never happened without you. Special thank you to Kevin for originating Proof and Justin for your amazing art.

You have literally changed our lives.


Thursday, September 8th @ 12 pm EST / 9 am PST

Yes. Anybody who will join the Dead Birds Society discord by 12:00 PM EST on Saturday, September 3rd will be able to mint (1) Ghoul

Only one mint per wallet will be allowed.


- Dead Birds Society members mint for free
- Public mint cost will be 0.1 ETH

- 1 DBS member = 1 Ghoul
- 300: Public mint (this includes allowlist spots we will be giving out to other sub-parliaments)
- 75: DBS Treasury for future collaborations, marketing, etc
- 34: Admin team and creators

- All funds from public mint will go to the Dead Birds Society treasury (after covering costs to deploy contract)
- Secondary sales will be split 50/50 between DBS treasury and creators

Ghouls is a semi generative PFP project 100% inspired by Moonbirds PFP, it’s a bit of a derivative with its own take on the dead. All art was created freehand digitally.

Ghouls started as a spontaneous project between two Dead Birds Society members: @theMikeElf and @papi_sour. What was originally just fun art turned into what we are proud to unveil as the genesis DBS drop. Having never met in real life, the blockchain has created magic which we are proud to share with you. Mike has been creating and drawing for 35 years. He's a son of 2 and a half artists, has Yoni side board and a Crow as his spiritual advisor. You can find him elfing around on Twitter and TikTok @theMikeElf

Yes, you’ll be able to see your Ghoul immediately.

We are a community driven project with large dreams and even larger plans, there’s a lot brewing. That said, as with all things Proof - we want to underpromise and overdeliver. We will absolutely put events together as we did during NFT NYC, make merch for all members and keep DBS growing.